About the Designers

I design for knitters who want sew-free, finish-free patterns, with interesting details incorporated. As a former art student and teacher, I view each pattern as an opportunity to learn and practice new techniques, as well as an opportunity for unique self-expression. The natural beauty of my native New England often inspires my designs. See my designs, “Vanilla Spice”, “Tangerine Twist”, “Maple”, and “Meadow” in Knitty.com.

About the design: “I once had a pair of super warm, double-thick, store bought mittens that I loved. Unfortunately, my dog loved them, too. So I decided to design some. One mitten flows seamlessly into the other, offering an extra warm hug for the hands, and they are completely reversible.”

Jennifer Dickerson (Nevermore Scarf)

Jennifer Dickerson
(Nevermore Scarf)

I am married to my best friend and the Mom of two lovely children. I have always been a maker of things, crayon in hand as a kid and later as a visual artist, showing my work in local galleries. When I became a mother, I wanted to make a handmade baby blanket and haven’t stopped stitching since. I am the creator of the Fiber Flux blog, join me on my yarny adventures here: http://www.fiberfluxblog.com

About the design:  “This lace scarf is knitted with a nod toward the fascinating Poe and the world in which he lived and wrote. The lace pattern and colorway is reminiscent of the intricate 19th century wrought iron that is so prevalent in the historic areas of Baltimore. Elegant and beautiful, this scarf makes a lovely gift.”

“I am married to the most perfect man for me, am the mother of two beautiful girls who light up my life every single day. I am a retired Disney cast member who made magic for so many years that it is impossible not to pixie-dust everything. My goal during this crazy life is to meet some wonderful yarnaholics and shutterbugs, learn a trick or two along the way and perhaps share some of my creations or limited knowledge with the rest of the world.”

About the design:  “My youngest daughter loves hats and bunnies. We can’t have a bunny because of my allergies but I can certainly knit her a hat… and make her the bunny!”

Mary Reigstad (Icicle Mitts)

Mary Reigstad
(Icicle Mitts)

“By day I’m an administrative assistant, by night I’m a avid knitter. I live in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes and in the winter 10,000 frozen lakes! Due to the cold, I love to make socks and wool items I can felt. Where ever I am, my knitting bag is there too! I’m a married with four children and five grand-yummies.”

About the design:  “I live in Minnesota and it gets very, very cold. For those who text or use their cell phones, mittens or gloves just don’t work. I designed these mitts to keep fingers free and added the icicles for fun. You can keep your hands warm and still look cute.”

Mary Kay Vogel (Goose Mitts)

Mary Kay Vogel
(Goose Mitts)

Mary Kay Vogel has been knitting for over 50 years and she’s still as enthusiastic as she was when she picked up her first knitting needles at 12 years old. She loves dreaming up and writing new patterns and spinning yarn, but her real passion is teaching new knitters and getting them started with their first project. When Mary Kay isn’t knitting, she’s spending time spoiling her first grandson.

About the design: “I live near the Horicon Marsh, a huge flyway for migrating geese. For photographing these beautiful creatures in flight, fingers and thumb must be free to operate the camera. These mitts help me get that quick picture and keep my hands warm!”

Liz Chlipala (Falling Leaves Sweater)

Liz Chlipala
(Falling Leaves Sweater)

I grew up in Chicago and now live in a southwest suburb with my husband (and yes, a sizable stash of yarns, needles, patterns and more!). I was fortunate to have a mother who taught me to knit when I was only eight years old. My first projects were doll blankets for my baby dolls, and by the time I was ten I was knitting for my Barbie dolls. I graduated to larger projects and started knitting for myself, my family and for charity.I hope you enjoy the child’s sweater pattern in this book.

About the design: “I remember great times when my children were little; playing outside with them in the fall. I’d rake big piles of leaves and watch them jump in the pile. I wanted to make a fun sweater for a little one to wear when playing outside in the fall.”

Suesan Roth (Staircase Bags)

Suesan Roth
(Staircase Bags)

Suesan Roth has over 20 years knitting/crochet experience. She really enjoys designing and draws her inspiration from nature and personal experiences. Her work has been featured in a 2 books: Doomsday Knits and Upcoming Designers Accessories book, and in Jane Austen Magazine, Summer 2012 with several self published patterns that can be found on Ravelry. She was also a finalist in the Vogue 2011 Design Contest w/Zealana.

About the design: “The inspiration for this project is the staircase at the Mother Cabrini Shrine in Colorado near Lookout Mountain, where my husband proposed. This is made using the Domino knitting technique which reminds me of the many, many steps to the top of the shrine.”

Laura Wijkowski

Laura Wijkowski
(Strawberry Patch Baby Set)

Retired after a 30 year career working for non-profit youth agencies, Laura is now working in alumni development for a small public liberal arts college and also teaches knitting as an Adult Community Education Instructor. “I have accumulated many partly finished projects, so I’ve learned that I can’t take on to big of a project, I get bored! All my knitting is inspired by something or someone whether I’m following a pattern with commercial yarn or creating with my own handspun. http://dawningdreams-lsw.blogspot.com/.

About the design: “I remember going to pick strawberries every summer with my grandmother up in the farm fields of Wisconsin. Now I’m attempting to grow some strawberries in my own yard here in Oklahoma. This outfit may be the closest I get with our dry conditions!”

Sharon Wilson

Sharon Wilson
(Texas Pride Coin Purse)

Sharon lives in Texas with her dog, Tex Mex. Sharon learned to knit when diagnosed with cancer.  Determine to make the down time count she asked and a dear friend agreed to teach her.  She has been an avid knitter ever since.  Sharon’s other passion is genealogy and she has been known to knit a scarf while reading through genealogy material.  Sharon works as a church secretary to afford her passions and proudly has earned two ribbons at the Texas State Fair Creative Arts competition.

About the design: “”My sister travels internationally for work and needed something to keep her U.S. coins separate from her foreign currency. I designed this change purse for her in the colors of the Texas flag so she can take a little bit of home with her on her travels.”

Julie Anderson (Sea Bear Baby Blanket)

Julie Anderson
(Sea Bear Baby Blanket)

Julie is a designer of knit toys and a knitting instructor. She has been teaching locally since 2011. Julie is a self taught knitter, from the start she was creating things on her own. Knitting toys for children soon became her passion. She designs toys with a whimsical feel that children will love. She likes to incorporate different textures into her designs as well as fun colors. Julie self publishes and sells her patterns at http://www.the-byrds-nest.com Julie also has had several patterns published in magazines and books.

About the design: “I love California’s beautiful sandy beaches. Southern California is also blessed with magical sea life, including the sea lion, which looks far more like a cuddly bear than a ferocious lion.”

Lauren Nicole Klipp (Rocky Rattlers)

Lauren Nicole Klipp
(Rocky Rattlers)

Lauren is from Tucson, Arizona. She learned to knit in college and has not put her needles down since. She loves to knit and design baby and toddler accessories. Her passions include knitting, jump rope, reading, and science. You can find more of Lauren’s patterns at http://www.ravelry.com/designers/lauren-klipp.

About the design: “Growing up in the middle of the Sonoran Desert exposed me to a variety of desert creatures, including the deadly diamondback rattlesnake. Many fear the telltale rattle, but at least they are thoughtful enough to warn you before they decide to strike. And who wants a knitted cactus?”

Janeen Puckett (Canyon Scarf)

Janeen Puckett
(Canyon Scarf)

Bio coming soon.

About the design:  “Like the drive along I-70 through the Glenwood Canyon, both sides of this reversible scarf are beautiful. This technique allows for intarsia colorwork with no unsightly back side.” “